Sunday, July 28, 2013

iOS 7 is not the taste of Steve Jobs


If you knew and followed Steve Jobs you would know that one of the things most important for him was good taste, he also once mocked Microsoft for having a bad taste in their products.

Steve Jobs would not approve iOS 7 if he was alive because it's design has bad taste.

When Steve Jobs came back to Apple in 1997 he could not have wait until he could release Mac OS X in the year 2000 to replace the bad taste of Mac OS 8 and OS 9.

When Steve Jobs introduced Mac OS X the first thing he talked about is the new design for Mac OS X, about the aqua user interface of Mac OS X, how beautiful it is and how much good taste it has.

The iPhone and iPad have inherited OS X aqua design language.

With iOS 7, Apple is replacing the aqua user interface with a flat, ugly color gradient user interface which would not pass the taste of Steve Jobs.

Compare the icons of iOS 7 on the right to the old icons, look how they lack 3D feel, how they have less details in them, they have low contrast of colors, they just look bad, Steve Jobs would never allow anyone on the public see these icons even if it is still in beta.

It's the same thing with iPhone 5 having aluminum back cover instead of glass which is another thing I feel Steve Jobs would not approve for final release.

Now there are rumours Apple is about to release a cheaper plastic iPhone, this is yet another thing that would never happen if Steve Jobs was still in Apple.

Apple is once again in danger to have their second downfall without Steve Jobs just liked they did when he left in 1985.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Microsoft Design is heading to the Dark Ages

Has Microsoft passed the golden age and is now going downhill to the dark ages?

Windows 8 is painfully ugly, everytime I see the flat design of Windows 8 with the solid colors it makes me cringe.

Windows 8 tiles are awful to look at, they usually have a single color with an icon.

For example, Compare the Internet Explorer 8 icon to the Internet Explorer 10 tile in Windows 8.

Internet Explorer 8 icon on the left, Internet Explorer 10 tile on the right

The IE8 icon is so much nicer to look at than the horrid IE10 tile from the Start screen in Windows 8, it has more colors, more definition, I prefer to look at icons with the design of IE8 than tiles with the design of IE10.

Another example is the Start Menu, it is gone from Windows 8 which is a horrid decision, but it already started to get worse even in Windows 7, compare the Start menu of Windows XP to the Start Menu of Windows 7.

Windows XP start menu on the left and Windows 7 Start Menu on the right

Windows XP Start Menu has an icon for EVERY button.

Windows 7 Start menu has no icons for Documents, Pictures, Music and etc.

Text alone with no icon makes the usuability worse, it is harder for our eyes to read 1 color text than to see a distinguised icon, once we remember the icon we don't even need the text anymore and it is much easier and faster to find an icon than to find a line of text.

Another thing that is good about having icon for every button is that you can use Windows XP in foriegn language and still know what every button does, it is also good for kids who can't read yet.

Microsoft, instead of going forward and bringing even better looking icons for their operating system has decided to go backwards to the days of Windows 3.1 or even worse, to the days of DOS.

Just compare the Windows Phone settings system menu to the iPhone settings menu.

iPhone Settings menu on the left and Windows Phone 8 system menu on the right

The Windows Phone 8 is painfully ugly menu, it has no icons, only text, not something you want to look at and use on a daily basis.

The iPhone settings menu has icons and is nice to look at and looks more comfortable.

The Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 designs are disappointing and are made by lazy designers, having a design that is white text only on a black background is something lazy and easy to do compared to a menu with icons, borders.

The Windows Phone 8 menu will also be harder for kids to use as it has no icons, it will also be hard to use if it's language is foriegn to you.

Microsoft it seems, is going into the dark ages.

Friday, April 05, 2013

Windows 8 is worse than Vista and we don't care

Windows 8 is so bad that even Windows Vista is better.

But this time, we don't care as much as we did about Vista.

And the reason is that in late 2006 when Windows Vista came out, there was no iPhone yet, there was no iPad and Android wasn't popular, in 2006 Windows was what most people used to browse the internet, to play games and to use on their laptops, today in 2013 we have smartphones and tablets to do the basic things we needed a laptop with Windows in 2006.

The Windows market in 2006 was in it's full glory and dominance and when a bad Windows operating system came out like Vista it made people be loud about how bad it is.

Windows 8 came out in the end of 2012, it is even worse than Windows Vista and it is selling less than Windows Vista did back in 2006. This time however, we have alternatives, the iPhone, the iPad, the Android and it's tablets.

Windows 8 is so bad, so ugly, so terrible that we don't even care about it, we are not rely on Windows in 2013 as much as we did in 2007. We just discard Windows 8 and buy iPads/Android instead.