Sunday, July 28, 2013

iOS 7 is not the taste of Steve Jobs


If you knew and followed Steve Jobs you would know that one of the things most important for him was good taste, he also once mocked Microsoft for having a bad taste in their products.

Steve Jobs would not approve iOS 7 if he was alive because it's design has bad taste.

When Steve Jobs came back to Apple in 1997 he could not have wait until he could release Mac OS X in the year 2000 to replace the bad taste of Mac OS 8 and OS 9.

When Steve Jobs introduced Mac OS X the first thing he talked about is the new design for Mac OS X, about the aqua user interface of Mac OS X, how beautiful it is and how much good taste it has.

The iPhone and iPad have inherited OS X aqua design language.

With iOS 7, Apple is replacing the aqua user interface with a flat, ugly color gradient user interface which would not pass the taste of Steve Jobs.

Compare the icons of iOS 7 on the right to the old icons, look how they lack 3D feel, how they have less details in them, they have low contrast of colors, they just look bad, Steve Jobs would never allow anyone on the public see these icons even if it is still in beta.

It's the same thing with iPhone 5 having aluminum back cover instead of glass which is another thing I feel Steve Jobs would not approve for final release.

Now there are rumours Apple is about to release a cheaper plastic iPhone, this is yet another thing that would never happen if Steve Jobs was still in Apple.

Apple is once again in danger to have their second downfall without Steve Jobs just liked they did when he left in 1985.

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